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  1. 1. Helicopter Pilots Memorial

    In memory of helicopter pilots killed in accidents while working in the pastoral industry across northern Australia.

  2. 2. China Wall

    This place acquired its English name because it is somewhat reminiscent of the Great Wall of China.

  3. 3. Caroline Pool

    Located on the Black Elvire River ten minutes drive from Halls Creek. 24 Hour camping, toilets and bins.

  4. 4. Old Stone Hut

    Old Stone Hut located at Sophie Downs Station.

  5. 5. Old Halls Creek

    The 'Golden West' had its beginnings in Halls Creek.

  6. 6. Palm Springs

    A permanent freshwater pool on the Black Elvire River, 24 hour camping, toilet and bins.

  7. 7. Sawpit Gorge

    The gorge is located on the Black Elvire River, 24 hour camping, toilets and bins.