Tanami Road

Restricted Roads

When travelling on Restricted Roads expect water across flood ways, localised scouring, sandbars and washouts. The Shire of Halls Creek advise that caution is taken.

Restricted Road use is intended to prevent damage to roads and to ensure the safety of our travellers.

For further information please contact the Halls Creek Visitor Centre on (08) 9168 6262 or the Shire office on (08) 9168 6007.

Halls Creek features 360kms of sealed roads and 1,433kms of unsealed roads.

Information for Fuel Stations in Halls Creek

Town Distances

Distances from Halls Creek to surrounding towns are as follows:

Location Distance
Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing 290 kms
Halls Creek to Broome 700 kms
Halls Creek to Alice Springs (Tanami Road) 1050 kms
Halls Creek to Wyndham 380 kms
Halls Creek to Kununurra 370 kms
Halls Creek to Derby 550 kms
Halls Creek to Balgo 256 kms