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Duncan Road

The Duncan Road (formerly Duncan Highway) branches off from the Victoria Highway near the Northern Territory/Western Australia border. Theunsealed road takes you through the beautiful and hilly country below Lake Argyle and joins the highway again in Halls Creek. The road crosses severl rivers and creeks that are safe to swimming, and there are some really nice rock pools and gorges where you can setup camp for a night or several.

  • Length: 441 km
  • Northern (eastern) end: joins the Victoria Highway 20 km east of the Northern Territory/Western Australia border.
  • Southern (western) end: joins the Great Northern Highway in Halls Creek.
  • It was named Duncan Highway in 1961.
  • Decommissioned as a highway in 1976 and renamed Duncan Road.
  • In 1995 ownership was transferred from Main Roads to the Halls Creek Shire which has been looking after it since.

What You Need to Know About The Duncan Road

Though unsealed this is an excellent road. There is nothing to worry about for inexperienced drivers, no special skills required.

All the river crossings are reinforced with bitumen or concrete. There may be some wash outs and deep potholes in them after a big wet season. Just take it slow.

Duncan Road is mainly a beef road and you will see many roadtrains transporting cattle. Stay ouf of their way, they hurtle along at quite some speed and can't stop easily. Also, watch out for animals on the road apart from cattle and wallabies (kangaroos), you may come across donkeys and camels.

Be mindful all this land is private land and act accordingly. No reckless bush bashing, no littering, no starting fires etc.

There are no services along the road, so make sure you have everything you need, especially enough fuel.

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