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Duncan Rd Attractions

China Wall

6km out of town is the enchanting China Wall.  Though its namesake stood as a land divider, our China Wall is a sub-vertical quartz vein protruding up to 6m from the surrounding surface.  This quartz substance is hard and remains resistant to weathering.  China Wall lines the surrounding hills and meets at the tranquil river valley.  Its length is a mystery; the formation is visible from here to the Bungle Bungle.  As China Wall is on private property, please shut the gate when entering and exiting the area.


Caroline Pool

15km from town is a refreshing natural waterhole.  Caroline Pool was once the main recreational spot for the folk of the pioneering era.
During the wet season it is ideal for swimming, however, as we move in to the dry it becomes a pleasant picnic spot with a series of small water holes, shady trees and a wide bank which provides the perfect path for bushwalkers.


Old Halls Creek

16km from town.  The site is home to the first gold discovery in WA in 1885.
Visit the remnants of the old mud Post Office (a fence and a roof were constructed on 15 February 2002 to preserve the ruins), or have a go at panning for gold.  Old Town is, and will continue to be, a historic site of interest for locals and visitors alike.  Old Halls Creek also has a pioneer cemetery containing the graves of many Kimberley pioneering families.


Palm Springs

45km out of town is the spectacular Palm Springs.  It is an oasis, complete with palm trees, a fresh water spring and an abundance of wildlife.


Sawpit Gorge

Approximately 52km from town is the most secluded scenic spot in Halls Creek.  Complete with swimming and fishing pools, the tranquil water is surrounded by towering rock walls and sandy edges, which were formed when the Black Elvire River forced its way through a rocky ridge.


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