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Warmun Artists Centre

Location: Warmun, WA, 6770, Australia
Phone: 08 9168 7496
Fax: 08 9168 7444

Warmun Arts is home for the Gija ochre painters of the Eastern Kimberley region. Foundedin 1998 by leading artists of Warmun (Turkey Creek), the centre is wholly owned and managed by the Warmun artists. The Warmun Art Centre continues to provide artists with economic independence and the opportunity to share their Gija culture and country through their paintings. The beautiful new gallery provides an ideal exhibition area alongside the studio where artists gather to paint.

Warmun works draws on traditional Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) stories as well as contemporary and more recent historical events or experiences of the artists. All canvases are painted with traditional ochres and pigments dug from the earth and ground on site and mixed to produce a vast array of colours and textures.

The Gallery is open weekdays 9 - 4pm.

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Warmun Artists Profiles

Nora Nagarra
Subsection/Skin: Nagarra
Language: Gija, Jaru & Kimberley Kriol
Born: Turner River
Themes: Rijal country, Life on Turner River Station, Crocodile Hole - Rugan country, Purnululu (Bungle Bungles).

Marika Patrick
Subsection/Skin: Nambin
Language: Gija, Kimberley Kriol and English
Born: Wyndham
Themes: Chinaman's Garden, Willy Willy Dreaming, Rock formations in her grandmother's country Yarangga, Purnululu (Bungle Bungles)

Gordon Barney
DOB: 1/01/1946
Subsection/Skin: Jangari
Language: Gija & Kimberly Kriol
Born: Alice Downs
Themes: Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) stories from Birnu - Alice Downs Station country, Landforms and interpretations of country in Birnu, Station life on Alice Downs Station, Massacre stories from the south side of Purnululu.

Beerbee Mungnari
DOB: 1/01/1933
Subsection/Skin: Jungurra
Language: Gija, Kimberley Kriol, Naringman and English
Born: Waterloo Station, N.T
Themes: Mustering and stock routes in the East Kimberley, Droving stories from Beerbee's time spent at Rosewood Station, Detailed historical stories of station life and station managers, Stories of the country south of Kununurra, prior to the formation of Argyle Dam.

Phyllis Thomas
DOB: 1/01/1933
Subsection/Skin: Nagarra
Language: Gija and Kimberley Kriol
Born: Turner River
Themes: Dreaming places around Turner River Station country, Country in the middle reaches of the Ord and Turner Rivers, Traditional life practices of Aboriginal people prior to white settlement, traditional Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) stories.

Evelyn Malgil
DOB: 31/05/1965
Subsection/Skin: Nangari
Language: Gija & Kimberley Kriol
Born: Alice Downs
Themes: Bedford Downs country, Winuba Spring, Chinaman's Garden country, Willy-Willy Dreaming, Four Waterholes, Warmun hills and Dreaming stories, Purnululu (Bungle Bungles).

Georgina Mouda
DOB: 13/5/1967
Language: Bardi & Kimberley Kriol
Born: Derby
Themes: One Arm Point country, Nyigina Dreaming stories, Bush skills and traditional knowledge.

Nancy Nodea
DOB: 1/01/1944
Subsection/Skin: Nyawurru
Language: Gija & Kimberley Kriol
Born: Texas Downs Station
Themes: Historical events post-white settlement, Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) stories from Texas Downs Station country, Life as a station worker at Texas Downs Station.


Located within the Warmun Community about 3km from the Turkey Creek (Warmun) Roadhouse. Please ring (08) 9168 7496 before entering.

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