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Warlayirti Artists Centre

Phone: 08 9168 8960
Fax: 08 9168 8889
Mobile: 0407 123 478

Warlayirti Artists in Balgo is one of Australia's leading indigenous art centres whose artists have a reputation for producing uniquely individual and vibrant paintingd, prints and glass.
Situated 270km from Halls Creek towards Alice Springs, Balgo is a small community of around 350 people.

Warlayirti artists, however, represents more than 200 artists across the three communities in the Kutjungka region -
Kururrungku (Billiluna), Mulan, and Wirrimanu (Balgo) representing seven main language groups:
Kukatja, Walmatjarri, Ngarti, Jaru, Wangkatjunga, Pintupi and Warlpiri.

The number of artists, their different histories and the variety of language and cultural groups means that each artist brings uniqueness to the canvas.


Situated 270km from Halls Creek along the Tanami Track to Alice Springs.

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